Painted Hills- Nature Shaped

Painted Hills

John Day Fossil Beds, painted hills, amazing, nature

Painted Hills

Here in northwest of 

the town of Mitchell,

Sight the John Day Fossil Beds

One of Oregon’s seven wonders-

Painted Hills, this is,

Nature shaped,

Simply incredible.

Million years of climate change, 

Seasons, rain like weather, 

Stokes of light,

Transformed the rock and soil,

Creating colorful palette

Of yellow, orange,

And layers of red, 

Streaks of,  gold and grey

Shifting and changing

Again and again

Creating an awesome landscape view

Here in northwest of 

the town of Mitchell

the John Day Fossil Beds.

Painted hills, this is,

nature shaped

simply incredible.

John Day Fossil Beds, amazing nature, painted hills



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